Party Season Is Here…

…So we thought we’d help you throw the best party ever with our simple checklist.


Step One: Decorate

This might sound simple, but blowing up a couple of balloons won’t give you the elegant chic you’re looking for. To help you get a sophisticated ambiance, try decorating your base objects in the classic matte black. You could try black tablecloths, black drapes, and then in true Kiss Mix style add a pop of color to the accessories to liven things up. For a really sparkly finish try adding some glitter – it’s not a party without some sparkle right?

TOP TIP: Choose your color scheme and stick to it! We like to use oranges and yellows with splashes of gold for a warm but expensive feel.

Step Two: Sweet Treats

We all know this years’ big thing has been meringues, so make sure you get some for your party. Tiny, cute and colorful these will provide some femininity to counteract your dramatic decor, but don’t worry, the variety of flavors on offer means you can color co-ordinate these as well! Kiss Mix have also heard about a new treat that’s set for big things this winter; fancy dipping marshmallows. ooooooh.

TOP TIP: Serve your sweet treats with the tangy Kiss Mix Margarita cocktails or Kiss Mix Lemondrop cocktail to balance out that sweet taste.

Step Three: Entertainment

To be the hostess with the most-ess it might be worth investing in some entertainment. Acts that are popular right now are belly dancers, magicians and singers.

Step Five: Keeping your guests refreshed

No one wants to turn up to a party where the alcohol is below par, right? For the perfect festive celebration we recommend our Gin Tonic Lemondrop, Screwdriver and Cosmopolitan cocktails.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to cater for ALL of your guests, so that means plenty of soft drinks too!

Step Six: Music

The whole atmosphere of your party can be determined by what music you play. Don’t go too OTT trying to make it a classy affair, and veer away from Classical. Why not try some chilled out dance to keep the atmosphere light, sexy and fun.



Kiss Mix Defy The Odds Again

We like to do things differently. When the business was initially started, we went against every rule that you were ‘supposed’ to abide by whether it was packaging, ingredients or who our target market was. Thankfully our maverick approach paid off and created a product that is truly outstanding; a product to challenge a category beset with mediocrity.

We very often see the evidence of our good-decision making, but especially so this month. Two of our cocktails, Margarita and Cosmopolitan, have just been awarded bronze medals at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition 2013. To be awarded with anything in a competition that is jammed packed with quality wines and spirits from around the world is obviously a tremendous privilege. Plus we were the only product within the RTD category to win anything at all which is something we are immensely proud of.



The RTD Category – Friend or Foe?

Flair Bartender

Is this really the only way to get quality cocktails?

The subject of RTD’s is often very likely to cause a debate. Consumers tend to take a ‘marmite’ approach – they either love them or hate them.

But why is it that consumers have a such predisposition towards RTD cocktails? These are not the dreaded alcopops of the past two decades, and they offer alternative at-home drinking experiences. Well, most people would argue that the flair tending is all part of the experience, and other would say quite simply, they just don’t taste as good.

As a pre-mixed cocktail brand, it’s certainly something that we face every day as part of our expansion of the brand into new markets. The main thing that we focus on is getting consumers to forget the stereotypes and simply try the product. Our goal is to teach our customers that RTD isn’t a dirty word, and that we here at Kiss Mix are helping to redefine the category as a whole.

But of course, consumers don’t need us to tell them what they like. Statistics are showing that the average palette is growing ever more quality-aware, with the decline in sales of poor-quality RTD’s highlighting this. Yesterday’s BBC News Magazine article ‘The Quiet Death of The Alcopop’ discussed this new trend. “The problem came down to image – they (alcopops) stopped being seen as aspirational.”  said Chris Wissen, the senior drinks analyst at Mintel, when describing the decline in RTD’s aimed at the younger generation.  “Part of the problem is they’ve almost become demonised as something leading to binge drinking…”

Following the launch of our cocktails in the US, Dubai, India, West Africa and most recently Hong Kong, the UK consumers are saying a launch over here is long overdue. This summer we have been sampling the product at several Jockey Club venues to an overwhelming response.

“The most common thing we hear is ‘where can I buy these.” says Johnno Gordon, Head of Sales in the UK. “Women in particular struggle to find something they want to drink at sporting events such as these, and are limited to wine they don’t particularly like or an expensive mixer. We’ve resolved the problem for them by producing high-quality and fresh tasting cocktails, which also helps to add a touch of class.”



Uk Music Nights

With the rain comes the realisation that our music nights for 2013 are almost over. *sigh*.

We’ve had acts Bananarama, Tony Hadley, Travis, Madness and Mike and the Mechanics. It’s been so much fun, and amazing seeing the response to the free ticket give away! Not only do we take pleasure in treating our little KissMixers to free entry, but it was great to hear their feedback on our cocktails when trying them for the first time; the overwhelming response being “where can I get it?!”

Of course it’s not all doom and gloom, we have just announced the final winners for the last two performances this summer: Happy Mondays on the 1st August and Rita Ora on the 9th. Make sure you check your inbox over the next couple of days and we could be seeing you to celebrate the end of the season in style!

So what next we hear you ask? Don’t worry, we have a whole range of events planned for A/W all over the globe – keep checking our website and facebook pages for updates.

The Kiss Mix team’s highlights so far:

Madness at Sandown: 16000 people pre-booked tickets which meant our little Kiss Mix team were scurrying around like ants trying to sample and promote the brand as much as possible. Usually we make them work right up until music begins at 9 o’clock but demand was so high the marquee had to be taken down at 7.40pm – we had run out of stock!!

Mike & The Mechanics: Watching our 8 foot marquee do a  ‘tumbleweed roll’ across the parade ring was maybe a bit of a low point but hey, there’s no such thing as bad publicity right?

Travis at Sandown: Watching the crowd pogo at the request of Fran Healy to “Why Does It Always Rain On Me” and ironically seeing Kiss Mix cocktails being sloshed everywhere in the process.

Boca Burger Battle – A Grilling Affair

Nothing could stop us on Saturday night – not even the awful weather. The 2nd Annual Boca Burger Battle had an amazing turnout despite all the rain, with the organizers even hosting a tongue in cheek sub-competition….. for the best rain coat.

More than 20 contenders from across South Florida took part and cooked up the most delicious burgers, presenting them to the Grill Master Judges for their verdict. It was certainly a tough call, they all looked amazing to us!

It was great to see the guests enjoying all the food on offer (and of course some of our cocktails) and the evening was rounded off with a fantastic live performance by Groove Line, one of the top dance/party bands in South Florida!

Pre-sale tickets are now available for the 4th Annual Boca Raton Wine & Food Festival in November – click here for more info.

It’s National Mojito Day!

But darn it, our delicious new Mojito flavor isn’t quite ready for you. Of course we could always suggest you try one of our OTHER flavors to get you at least sipping some kind of cocktail on this glorious day………. but we understand if you want to do things.. you know… properly.

To help you out until the best ever pre-mixed Mojito comes on the market (ours obviously), we suggest you take a look at this web page on how to make your own variances at home. Yes it’s more inconvenient and costly, and YES we know you’d rather be tasting what we’ve conjured up for you – but we promise it will be worth the wait 😉

Enjoy National Mojito Day!